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Doug Anderson: Duck Feet
Kim Piotrowski

Paintings by contemporary artists

Works by Kim Piotrowski and Doug AndersonIn his exhibition titled “Duck Feet,” Doug Anderson presents a series of exquisitely rendered paintings focusing on the physical and psychological impact of emerging surgical procedure. The artist has stated, “The unique time period in which we live offers the lay person exciting and sometimes scary opportunities to witness strange new diseases, operations, cloning, genetic mapping, as well as a blending of multiple philosophies of medical practice.” This scientific re-appraisal of the human body is illustrated in sardonic images that depict the human being as a composite of interchangeable human, animal and mechanical parts.

Mr. Anderson, a resident of Nunda, New York, teaches at SUNY, Geneseo, New York and has exhibited internationally.

Kim Piotrowski, representing a lyrical approach to the human body, creates surreal compositions inspired by its interior forms. The colorful canvases in the self-titled exhibition depict bizarre anatomical hybrids entangled within tumultuous compositions. According to her exhibition coordinator Joe Houston, Ms. Piotrowski’s semi-abstract paintings “envision the chaotic processes of the living body in landscape form. Her biomorphic shapes erupt in exuberant baroque spectacles, reminding us of the unruly nature of our own physical and emotional being.” Work such as Harvest also address the issue of organ transplant, providing a more whimsical counterpoint to Mr. Anderson’s works on the theme.

Ms. Piotrowski’s paintings have been exhibited recently at The Ukranian Institute of Modern Art and Fassbender Gallery in Chicago.

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