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Audrius Plioplys, MD: Neurotheology
Darren T. Hamm: La Memoria Della Malattia

Work by Audrius Plioplys and Darren T. HammConcurrent solo exhibitions of digital images on canvas and paper by Audrius Plioplys and blueprints, paintings and drawings by Darren T. Hamm will be on display at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago from February 7 - April 25, 2003. A reception for the artists that is open and free to the public will take place on Friday, February 7, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

These two contemporary artists produce thoughtful works about human ability and disability and its relation to the creative process.

Audrius Plioplys continued his artistic efforts along side his training and practice as a neurologist, weaving the two disciplines together in his current exhibition “Neurotheolgy.” His large-scale digital images are his visual investigations of the thought process. Plioplys states his work “reveals underlying artistic processes, artistic memories and creative thoughts.”

Pliolpys is a Toronto native that lives and works in Chicago as both a practicing artist and neurologist. His work has been shown internationally.

The artwork of Darren T. Hamm explores the multitude of issues surrounding the diagnosis, decline and death of a family member with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy—an incapacitating illness related to Parkinson’s Disease. His blueprints of machines strive to offer an improvement upon impairments suffered by those disabled. His collage paintings/drawings, being both constructed and de-constructed on the surface, and dealing with specific physiological problems, depict a metaphorical link between the physical and psychological deterioration of the individual.

Hamm is a recent graduate in painting and drawing from Kent State University, Ohio.

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