New Exhibits

Milestones in Medical Imaging:
21st Century Medicine

When you visit a doctor, you are often sent for additional tests such as an MRI, PET or ultrasound. What are these tests? What do they mean? What is involved? Learn about the role that medical imaging plays in identifying and treating disease. "Milestones in Medical Imaging: 21st Century Medicine" explores these advancements, the development of interventional radiology, and the present and future of medical imaging. Through illustrated narratives, artifacts, and examples of current technology, the stories of these major advancements in 21st century medicine come alive. This new exhibit expands upon, and is adjacent to a major exhibit on the history and pioneers of radiology, which opened in 2004.

Sponsorship for the exhibit "Milestones in Medical Imaging" has been generously provided by American Healthcare Radiology Administrators; Mallinckrodt Imaging, division of Tyco Healthcare; Medical Outsourcing Services; Medi-Nuclear Corporation; the Society of Nuclear Medicine; and Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation. Individual sponsors of this exhibit are Cynthia Blount, DO, Darius Keblinskas, MD, and Joanne Metler. This program is partially supported by a CityArts Program II grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Illinois Arts Council.


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